G&S Stainless Services Ltd

Quality Assurance

Our quality commitments

ISO 9001 | 45001 | EN1090

G&S Stainless Services Ltd is committed to meeting the needs of it’s clients and the delivering of high standard of development through it’s products and processes.

ISO 9001:2015/45001

G&S Stainless have achieved ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001 Certification in the fabrication and Installation of Stainless and Mild Steel Products. As we are constantly working to improve and maintain the highest standards, we feel that this certification highlights our commitment to the products and services that we offer.

CE Marking- EN1090

In compliance with the CPR, G&S Stainless Services Ltd are authorised to issue declarations of performance (CE Mark) to structural steel fabrications up to Execution Class 3 as per the EN1090 Harmonised Standard.

Welding Procedures

G&S Stainless employ experienced and trained welders who operate under the highest certified standards. G&S Stainless operate under approved weld procedures for stainless and mild steel fabrications such as EN ISO 15614 & EN 287.

Pressure Directives

Our products are designed to satisfy the requirements of clients industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnical, chemical, Food & Dairy, Brewing & Beverages. Some of the codes and standards that we manufacture to are listed below in our "Learn More" section.




We pride ourselves in being certified by worldwide recognition standards including:

This ensures the structural integrity and safety of our products.

Consistently meeting customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Our team ensures that all our processes and products adhere to the highest industry standards.

Following manufacturing processes that guarantee the highest quality output from start to finish.

Our commitment to producing safe, compliant, and reliable structural steel components for various applications.

Adhering to the highest European standards, opening doors to international markets.

Vessels for pharma and distilling industries


Inclusive to our pressure directives G&S Stainless Services also offer – 

Dye Penetration Testing

Involves applying pressure directives to ensure thorough penetration of the dye into potential surface defects.

Pressure Testing

Help assess the material's integrity and resistance to varying levels of pressure.


Used to reveal internal flaws and structural integrity through the use of X-rays or gamma rays.

Boroscope Inspection

Testing used to visually inspect hard-to-reach areas for defects and irregularities.